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 Special Note: Each Sunday morning worship service at First Presbyterian attempts to provide a fresh appreciation of centuries of tradition. We follow an order of worship that segues from praising the Lord, to confessing our sins, to acknowledging the assurance of God’s forgiveness, to hearing the Bible read and proclaimed. We “pass the peace” of Jesus Christ to one another, affirm our faith together, and pray for our world and ourselves by joining voices to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Our worship has multigenerational leadership as various adults and high school youth lead the liturgy with creativity and energy.

Our worship music is varied and vibrant. One week you might hear the adult vocal choir accompanied by a nationally recognized organist. The next you might delight to a challenging and invigorating piece by our hand bell choir. And the next week you can hear our praise band glorify God with a rousing bluegrass, gospel, or contemporary song. (And if you have an interest, all three groups welcome new members.) The choirs are a wonderful metaphor for the church, having many members but one body, many voices and sounds that create a unified song of praise to God.



Sunday  School  9:00 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM

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