Hendersonville First Presbyterian Church

More about Michael

The Christian life is a journey that is constantly transforming me into the person God is calling me to be.  My life is enriched in wondrous ways by God’s grace, presence, and calling.  On this journey, there are times I live my life like the younger son known as the Prodigal Son (Luke 15).  I take my God-given gifts and use them selfishly.  There are also times I live like the older son in this story.  I follow the rules and do everything I think is right.  In my self-righteousness, I expect others to follow those same rules.  God not only waits for me but also comes and finds me, welcoming me back home.

Jesus, the Messiah, promised to not leave his disciples as orphans but send the Spirit into their lives.  The Holy Spirit is the presence and power of Jesus Christ in our lives.  God’s Spirit is the comforter in life’s struggles and explainer of how the Bible informs and teaches us how to live, as Christ’s modern day disciples.

My personal time with God is a spring of fresh water that nourishes, comforts, and guides my life.  Prayer and reading the Scriptures are central to learning and listening to God’s Spirit.  Fasting, walks in the woods, and Sabbath rests also nurture my relationship with Jesus Christ.